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who we are

Past the trees that greet the shoreline of this windswept island, deep within the forest where wood sprites dwell and the morning mists roll in from the sea lies Misty Isle Cottage. There is magic in these woods. Old magic.

Misty Isle Cottage is our homestead lying at the edge of the world on an island off the coast of Maine. It is here in this wild place that we handcraft clothing and home décor to nourish your intimate connection with the earth.  


our philosophy

There is enchantment to be discovered every day. There is a sacredness in the ordinary – the rhythm and cycles of the seasons. We are, all of us, belonging to the earth. Therefore, we use wisdom passed down through the centuries to slowly handcraft knitwear and accessories that are in harmony with the earth and reflect your wild spirit and connection to the natural world.

Run wild through the woods.
Run to the cliff’s edge.
Fling your arms wide
Feel the wind bear you up.
You are alive.
You belong to the earth.

our creations


Our knitwear collection is handcrafted to reflect the truest elements of your soul. Inspired by folklore, fantasy, and literature, these feminine pieces harken back to a simpler time, a time more connected to nature and enchantment.


Flower Crowns + Wreaths

Delicately crafted from locally sourced and foraged flowers, our dried flower crowns and wreaths are a perfect way to connect with the seasons. Available soon. Sign up on our email list for sneak peaks, launch updates, and special offers.


Photography Prints

Etheral and magical, our collection of photography prints launching soon will include both wall prints and greeting cards. Sign up on our email list for sneak peaks, launch updates, and special offers.


ready to begin your journey?

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