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who i am

Past the trees that greet the shoreline of this windswept island, deep within the forest where wood sprites dwell and the morning mists roll in from the sea lies Misty Isle Cottage. There is magic in these woods. Old magic.

Misty Isle Cottage is my homestead lying at the edge of the world on an island in the North Atlantic. It is here in this wild place that I create ethereal fine art photography, welcoming you into poetic worlds of mystery and wonder.  


You Have Arrived

The salt wind dances through your hair as the waves sing against the rocky shore. The smell of wet wool and gentle mist fill the air. You make your way into the seaside cottage where old books perch haphazadrly on shelves and herbs hang from the celing. Candlelight fills the room while you sit by the fire listening to whispered folktales.

Run wild through the woods.
Run to the cliff’s edge.
Fling your arms wide.
Feel the wind bear you up.
You are alive.


Ethereal Portraits

Mystical and poetic, my photography portraits tell peaceful stories inspired by folklore and romanticism.


Magical Wildlife

Inspired by fairytales, I seek to capture magical wildlife that appear to be inviting you to embark on an adventure.


Moody Landscapes

Enter magical worlds of wonder where isolated cottages perch on plunging sea cliffs and the wind whispers mysterious tales.


ready to begin your journey?

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